Precarious Profs

Instructors are the heart of colleges and universities across British Columbia. They work hard, sharing their knowledge and their research to ensure that students succeed and to improve the lives of all British Columbians. 

Luckily, BC's colleges and universities have excellent and dedicated teachers. Unfortunately, a growing number of these educators are contract academic workers: instructors with no job security and often lower pay, hired on a per course or limited-term basis, never sure if they will be working next semester. These poor working conditions hurt students and they hurt communities. It's time to change that.


The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE) opposes the casualization of academic work and advocates for the full employment and the fair treatment of all academic staff regardless of their appointment status. FPSE and educators across BC are mobilizing to call for fair working conditions. Contract academic workers do the same work as their colleagues and have the same qualifications. Despite this, they often earn lower salaries, have no employment stability, and are treated as disposable employees by institutions. Some contract academic workers are paid 80% less than their colleagues.

BC's precarious faculty do the same work as regular faculty, and they deserve the same rights. Are you ready to join us as we fight for fairness? Show your support.

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