Meet the Profs: Allison

I'm a non-regular faculty member at College of the Rockies. I am currently an on-call employee, which means I am not guaranteed ANY work.

Teaching is a calling for me. The only thing more thrilling than witnessing the 'aha moment' is being able to create it!

The best part of my job is the people. The faculty and staff I work with are amazing and supportive, and the students inspire me every day.

The biggest challenge I face as non-regular faculty is the precariousness of work.

I joined the Fight for Fairness because I live the struggle every day. Over the past decade, I have represented fellow precarious teaching members in two different unions (CORFA and OSSTF). Members like us need to get involved and learn as much as we can about the workplace and how our Faculty Association and FPSE support us in our fight.

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