Have we opened the doors to education?

Two years in, have we opened the doors to education? 

In the last provincial election, our federation ran a  campaign called “Open the Doors” to help support the election of a provincial government that understands the need for affordable, accessible post-secondary education. Over 20,000 people joined our campaign in support of our vision. This issue was widely covered by media and generated substantial conversation in Victoria and schools across British Columbia.

Together, we voted in the BC election and helped make history as the BCNDP formed government with the support of the Green Party. Almost two years later, many of the goals of our campaign were achieved because we helped form a government that cares about the quality of education in this province. You helped make that happen.

In just 22 short months, here are just a few ways that education has become more  affordable and accessible:

  • BC Student Loans are interest-free
  • Adult Basic Education and English Language Learning are now tuition-free
  • Former Youth in Care can access tuition waivers and financial support at all 25 public post-secondary institutions
  • Plus, actions on overall affordability are helping everyone who lives and works in BC:
    • Introducing quality, affordable childcare
    • Elimination of MSP
    • Increasing the minimum wage

We are so honoured that thousands of people joined with us in saying that post-secondary must be affordable and accessible. We’ve made it possible for thousands of people to access post-secondary education, or continue their studies. We’ve opened the doors.

But there’s more to do. Right now, contract faculty are paid less for doing the same work as their colleagues – some are paid 80% less. We think that if you do the same work, you should receive the same pay – and we’re focusing our advocacy around this issue.

This is why we are closing our Open the Doors campaign channels (website and social media accounts), and merging them with our FPSE channels, which will promote fairness for contract faculty. We’ll continue to share interesting post-secondary news and insights, and behind-the-scenes information about the people teaching across our province, from one central site. This will allow us to streamline communications and reach you for multiple issues via one channel.

The past two years have seen more action on affordability than we saw in 16 years of the previous government. This is a testament to all we’ve accomplished, but large challenges remain. That’s why we’re going to continue campaigning for a better post-secondary system, and why we hope you’ll be with us.

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Terri Van Steinburg

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