Greetings from the BCFS

To our partners at the FPSE,

My name is Melissa Chirino, Chairperson for the BC Federation of Students. We represent 170,000 college and university students from every region of the province. Together, FPSE and the BCFS have worked tirelessly to make our post-secondary system for accessible for all. Your working conditions are our learning conditions and we stand in solidarity with you all. 

The past year has been a learning experience for both students and faculty. We have each had to adapt to online learning with little-to-no warning or resources. It was a challenge but together, students and faculty did it.

We thank faculty for creating spaces where students could share their experiences and adapt our learning environments. This has truly demonstrated how faculty working together with students creates a safe space for dialogue and creates an environment where we are constantly making change to ensure learning is increasingly accessible for all students. 

The FPSE and BCFS’s work together has shown how being united amplifies our voices. We can achieve our goals when we are supporting one another; this is why we are excited to continue doing this work. We appreciate the work the FPSE has done in the past year and we are thrilled to continue working together.

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